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“Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.” Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City

About us

We love girls and their emotions. We capture the most beautiful, erotic, sexy, horny, dirty girls in photos and videos.
We work with the girls in the studio, outside or also on location or other special places and to feel the emotions.
We like to share the charm, the flair and the exotic of other countries and locations in the most erotic moments.
We love girls from all regions and countries. European Girls from Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, or Asia, South America, Caribbean and USA work with GirlsEmotions. Among them many German amateur cam and erotic models, playmates, porn starts.
Known from internet, TV and videos like Kitty Core or Lena Nitro. We also work with the new girls who make their debut here for the first time. Some girls are in front of the camera for the first time and try themselves out, others are already very professional and have a lot of experience.
We love girls of blond, red, brunette, brown, black or the creative new wild colors. We love girls as nature created them, with small, natural, large or lush equipment. With tattoos without tattoos, with none, few or extremely many piercings.
They enjoy all kinds of sexual ecstasy and fantasy. The whole palette of feelings tender, intense, violent, hard, dominant, submissive is shown here. All body openings are available - anal - vaginal - oral in an exibistional way with intensive games, long orgasms and sparkling squirts. Different tools and toys are used for increase sensuality and intensity and joyful sensations fingers, dildo, vibrators, plugs, fruits and other objects from large to small. The girls love to show themselves, to experience their lust and to be horny and dirty during their sex adventures. The videos and photos will be supplemented over time with the latest VR and 3D technology. 4k with higher frame rates is in preparation.

All girls we work with are over 18.

how it all began....

The moment when a girl takes off her shyness and forgets the camera is special. She then lets us participate in her sexual fantasies and lust. Likewise when the girls play with the camera in their lustful and exhibitionistic way, present themselves and live out their lust and passion. For many years we have now met many girls and with great fun together the emotions to capture the passion. The fun at work has always inspired us to go even further and to become even better again.
Here we show the result.

Model of the Moment


Izzy Mendosa

Izzy is always in a good mood, nymphomaniac and slightly dominant curly head that will certainly twist your head. She has mega horny, beautiful, round and bulging tits and a well-formed horny crack ass. Both paired with her sweet, cheeky smile you can't resist. Izzy is 100%tig nature lust, no fake orgasm, she loves uninhibited, horny and hard sex, very much on the spot where you just the desire overcomes.

Our cooperation with Izzy Mendozza is special. Her commitment is outstanding and she is appreciated in the hole industry. We are looking forward to many more horny activities.

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